Fighting the student procrastination battle

One month to go until the end of the semester one, 30 days until I am half-way through university. Figuring that is giving me heart palpitations. I have realized it is time to do my work instead of thinking of every other little thing I could do with my life – like going to Boston Tea Party and devouring another one of their delicious ‘gluten free’, fat-filled brownies whilst I pretend to be doing work.

Procrastination hits all university students with some cases more severe than others. I personally can’t leave anything to the last 24 hours as that would be seriously detrimental to my mental health.

How do you find the motivation and not leave coursework till the last minute, then have a meltdown and cry into your third brownie of the day?

5 Tips to help kill your procrastination bout:

Tip 1: Is aimed at the male student population. Turn off the PlayStation. You don’t need to finish The Journey on Fifa 2017 and kill every zombie on Call of Duty, the PlayStation will understand why it is without attention when it comes close to assignment deadline day. Or if you aren’t a gamer but love watching a whole boxset consecutively self-control is necessary to switch off the TV and open the book. Instead reward yourself with the next episode after a few hours of productive study.

Tip 2: If you are struggling to even open the textbooks go for a run, get some fresh air, just do some exercise. You will come back feeling much better about yourself and be ready to power through the week’s core readings. It is scientifically proven that regular exercise improves concentration and mental sharpness. Getting sweaty and increasing your heart-rate will also help keep the booze belly at bay (or the sweet stomach if you are more of a chocoholic like me).

Tip 3: Prioritize your work. Establish when all your coursework is due, what will be the most time consuming and make a list. Even assigning a small quantity of work each day will help towards the deadlines. Start with what you struggle with first instead of dreading what needs to be done next.

Tip 4: Find a course friend to study with. They are going through the same issues. You can learn a lot from one another by discussing the course and bouncing ideas off each other. A study partner must influence and inspire you to complete your work. The is no point studying with someone who lacks the ambition to achieve and would rather ‘sack it off’ and go to the pub instead. The old adage is true, “If you want to be a good student, hang out with good students.”

Tip 5: And finally, just do it. Don’t over-complicate things, re-evaluate your goals, plan and get on with it.

What helps you win the procrastination battle?





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